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Heather Mall is a musician and singer-songwriter from the Chicagoland area. She has been singing ever since she could talk, but she officially started studying voice at the age of 7. She has trained in several styles, including classical, jazz, pop, country, musical theatre and acapella. After discovering that she couldn’t imagine having a career outside of music or the arts, she continued pursuing her passion all the way to college where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After graduating, Heather began teaching voice lessons and releasing her original music on streaming services. Today, she continues to release her own music while performing around Chicago and she loves teaching others the art of singing and the joy that storytelling through music creates!

When she’s not singing, Heather loves to act, write plays and short stories, and photograph every bird species she goes out to see in nature. If you think music is cool, definitely check out the incredible sounds and music that birds make every day. Some beautiful and cool bird calls to check out on YouTube: Wood Thrush, White Bellbird and Common Loon.