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Erik Barrientos



Erik Barrientos is a music-loving silly goose from Muskegon, MI. In Spring of 2019 he received a BA in Music and in Acting from UIC (The University of Illinois at Chicago). Erik's musical journey began in 5th grade—learning the slide trombone—but went on a slight hiatus after that year. His journey then continued anew at age 12, when he began learning 70’s/80’s rock and metal on electric guitar. This then evolved into joining choir in his freshman year of high school, which led to spending each following year engaging in all sorts of choral, musical, and theatrical shenanigans.

Soon after high school, Erik took his love for music and the arts and ran off to do the thing at UIC. In early 2021, following a few music and acting gigs (and a pandemic), he joined the Mariachi Mexica of West Michigan. In the mariachi, Erik plays guitar, vihuela, and screams lyrics. Fast-forward to early 2023, when he joined the ragtag crew of fun folks at Twelve Tone Music School. Today, Erik is thrilled to spend part of his musical journey guiding students through their own musical journey, doing so in a way that focuses on embracing the students’ self-expression and exploration above all else.