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Sandy V.Jan 4, 2023 8:54:05 AM4 min read

The Importance of Vulnerability in Music Lessons and Performances

While many interpret the word vulnerability negatively, it shouldn't always be perceived this way. Openness is one of the most excellent tools a musician can utilize; therefore, learning about its importance and how it can help you improve while practicing during music lessons and playing on stage in performances is essential. Keep reading to discover how vulnerability in music lessons and performances will help you become a successful and well-known musician!

What is Vulnerability in Music?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines vulnerability as the state or quality of being exposed, either emotionally, physically, or both. Depending on the situation someone is in, it can have negative or positive outcomes. While intimidating at times, vulnerable musicians can heighten their sensitivity and significantly increase their music performance when used positively. Being vulnerable in your daily life vs. being vulnerable in music is variable and complex. It can mean anything ranging from having the courage to begin music lessons to stepping out of your comfort zone to perform on stage in front of peers, family, and even strangers.

Musicians are there to tell a story to their audience, allow them to connect on a personal level, and communicate feelings. Without vulnerability, a musician will typically not be able to connect with the music they are playing or the people they are playing to, showing reduced emotional attachment. Without vulnerability, it will just be a musician reading notes and words on a page. Musicians need to connect personally with their music, allowing the listener to connect with what they are playing. This is where vulnerability in music comes into effect.

Starting Off Your Musical Journey

Vulnerability in Music Lessons

The first step to becoming a talented musician is stepping out of your comfort zone and seeking help from trained musical professionals. The fear of failure can be overwhelming, especially when starting new talent. This is where a new student needs to be extra vulnerable. Be open to new experiences, be open to learning, and as always, in learning any new skill or talent, be open to failure. The first step to succeeding in the music industry is leaping and enrolling in music lessons.

Choosing a well-known and respected music school can make all of the difference! Twelve Tone Music School, located in Glenview, IL, embraces the vulnerability of students and uses it to help them thrive and grow, not only as a musician but as a person. Their welcoming atmosphere and caring team of music instructors allow students to feel comfortable and open up while mastering their chosen instrument. Learn more about music lessons at Twelve Tone Music School here.

Vulnerability During Music Lessons

Enrolling in music lessons is the first step, but you still have a long journey ahead of you! Utilizing vulnerability within your music lessons will open you up to further experiences, learning new talents and skills, and allow you to hear positive criticism and work on improving alongside your instructor. More importantly, vulnerability within your music lessons will allow you to truly connect with the notes you are playing and the words you are singing. Not only will you be able to significantly improve your skills and talents, but you will also be able to love and enjoy what you are playing, allowing others to do the same.

Vulnerability in Music Performances

Music Lessons in Chicago

Once you have started to master your instrument, it'll be time to share everything you've learned and your newfound talent with others around you. Twelve Tone Music School will help you reach the last step of the Vulnerability hierarchy in music! The steps include sharing music with the following:

1. Yourself

2. Those you most trust

3. Your Community

4. The wider community

5. The world

As you grow and learn more about music, you will be able to complete each of these steps as part of the vulnerability hierarchy, with the optimal goal of sharing your love for music with the world! To help you reach that point, the Twelve Tone Music program boasts a unique program, unlike any other music school in Chicagoland. Following one on one and group classes, students have the opportunity to play on stage in front of peers, friends, and family. Giving them a taste of what it's like to be vulnerable playing music in front of others and not just in class.

What Makes Twelve Tone a Leading Music School in Chicagoland?

When it comes to not only teaching students their desired instrument and ensuring they succeed through tailored musical programs but also the importance of opening up and vulnerability in music, Twelve Tone Music School is unmatched. Learning an instrument like a piano is so much more than reading and playing notes at Twelve Tone; it's about instructors connecting with the students so they can also genuinely connect with the instrument and music they are creating.

Through various techniques tailored to each individual student backed by a team of experienced and professional instructors, students thrive at Twelve Tone Music School. No matter when a student enrolls, whether they be toddlers, children, teens, or even adults, they are given all of the tools and knowledge they require. Learn more about the various music programs they have available for students of all ages.

Take the Leap and Enroll Today

Remember, the first step towards being vulnerable in music is taking the leap to enroll in a music program. If you or your children are interested in mastering an instrument and creating music for the world, then Twelve Tone Music School is right for you! Their modern facility, amazing staff, and unbeatable resources give their students unique opportunities in the music industry. Stand out from the crowd, be vulnerable, be bold, and become your very own rockstar. Therefore, no matter if your child wants to get started in the industry or you have always wanted to be part of a band, it's never too early or too late! Enroll at Twelve Tone Music School today.