Guitar Lessons

Additional questions please call (847) 901-7161

  • Why don't you accept scheduling requests via email?

    Our schedule changes rapidly therefore we only give you the most accurate scheduling informaiton via the iClassPro app or over the phone.

  • Can I change my weekly lesson time?

    Yes! We are very flexible and allow you to transfer weekly lesson times whenver you need to. You can tranfer your enrollment by submititng a transfer request in the iClassPro app or by calling. We do not accept schedule requests via email. We can only accept transfer requests 2 weeks prior to the requested change.


  • Make Up Lessons
    • Please let us know via parent portal, phone call, or front desk if you are going to miss an upcoming lesson. When you notify us of an upcoming absence you will be issued a make-up voucher for the month in which the absence occurs (one per calendar month).
    • Each student is entitled to one free make-up lesson each month per weekly lesson enrolled.
    • Make-up lesson vouchers expire after three months from the date of issue and can only be scheduled while your child is actively enrolled in weekly lessons.
    • Make-up lessons are granted based on our sole discretion. We are under no obligation to accept any make-up request.
    • Make-up lessons have no cash value and are non-transferable.
    • Band Rehearsals, Rock Styles, and Camps are not eligible for make-up lessons
  • Cancellation
    • You are committed to lessons until you submit a completed drop request at least 30 days before your last lesson either through your Parent Portal or at our front desk. Your drop request is not official until you recieve a confirmation email.
  • Payments
    • We require that a credit or debit card be on file.
    • We do NOT accept checks or cash for tuition payments
    • Lessons are billed on the first of every month.
    • If payment fails you will have until the 7th of the month to provide payment or you will be withdrawn from lessons with no guarantee of returning to the same day, time, or teacher.
    • Should your child’s class fall on a holiday, we prorate tuition accordingly.
    • No refunds or credits will be issued.
  • Lessons and Rehearsals 
    • If we must cancel your child’s lesson (due to teacher illness, facility repairs, weather, etc.) we will notify you via email, SMS, and/or our website.
    • If a teacher is ill/away, we reserve the right to use a substitute teacher for the lesson.
    • If you child has a fever or contagious disease, please be considerate of other children by keeping your child home from lessons.
    • We reserve the right to expel any student/parent who doesn't comply with these policies.

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