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Sandy V.Apr 25, 2023 10:34:04 AM4 min read

7 Ways to Support Your Child's Musical Development

7 Ways to Support Your Childs Musical DevelopmentMusic is an absolutely wonderful way for children to fully express themselves, develop their creativity, and build confidence. Whether your child has been practicing for some time now or they are just starting out, there are several ways that you can support your child`s musical development in the music industry. Here, we are going to explore 7 ways you can help your child grow as a musician. 

1. Encourage Listening to Music

One of the leading ways to support your child in their journey in musical development is to encourage listening to music. This process is an outstanding way to introduce your child to different styles, instruments, and rhythms. Encourage your child to explore the wide range of music that is offered, from classical and rock to pop and world music. We suggest playing music every chance you have, in the car, during meals, while cleaning, and even when just relaxing at home. Not only is listening to music for joy, but it can also boast several benefits for your children, including: 

  • Enhancing Brain Development
  • Improving Academic Performance
  • Boosting Creativity and Imagination
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Improving Social Skills
  • Enhancing Mood


2. Make Music a Part of Everyday Life

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Music Lessons in Chicago

One of the most beautiful things about music is that it fits well in almost every moment. No matter whether you are sad, happy, or excited, you can find the right song to fit almost any occasion. Therefore, make music a part of your child's daily routine. You can sing songs together, play musical games, and encourage your child to connect with the various rhythms of the music. You can also introduce your child to musical instruments and let them experiment with sounds and rhythms.

3. Attend Concerts and Performances


As the passion for music in your child grows, more and more they will begin to have favorite artists and genres of music. A proven way to encourage their musical development is taking them to concerts, musicals, and other performances that expose them to the thrill of live music. This will help your child appreciate various types of music, learn from other musicians, and develop a sense of community around music. 

4. Create Opportunities for Practice and Performance


Create opportunities for your child to practice and perform. Set aside a regular practice time each day and encourage your child to play with family and friends. You can also organize a neighborhood concert or a school talent show for your child and their peers. While playing and practicing their skills at home or in private is an essential part of growing, there is nothing like playing in front of a live audience. Not only will this allow them to showcase their talents, but it will also give them an enhanced feeling of pride in their development and accomplishments. 

5. Support Musical Creativity

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Encourage your child to be creative with their music. Let them experiment with different sounds and rhythms and support their original compositions. You can also provide your child with recording equipment so they can record their own music. As your child continues to develop their love for music, trying new things and being more creative with what they are performing is a great way to engage and promote their musical development. 

6. Foster a Love of Music

Foster a love of music in your child. Show your child how music can be a source of joy, relaxation, and self-expression. Help your child understand how music can enhance their life and bring people together. Music can have a powerful emotional impact on children, and learning to express themselves through music can help them develop emotional intelligence and empathy. 

7. Sign Up for Music Lessons

Finally, the last way that you can support your child's musical development is probably the most important. While there are several things that you can do yourself, as we mentioned above, one of the leading ways is to sign them up for music lessons. Allowing them to grow and learn from a qualified music teacher will help your child learn the proper techniques, improve their skills, and develop a true love of music. 

If your child is just getting started out, enrolling them in a music school will allow them to discover the instrument they want to play and the type of music they want to focus on performing. Not only will they have the chance to work one-on-one with professional instructors, but they will also have the chance to play alongside other students, allowing them to grow alongside children with the same passion for music as them. 

Helping Improve Your Child's Musical Development at Twelve Tone Music School

Best Music Lessons in Chicago

At Twelve Tone Music School, we believe that every child has the potential to become a skilled musician with the right guidance and support. Our team of experienced teachers is dedicated to helping your child develop their musical talents and achieve their goals. From learning the basics of rhythm and melody to mastering complex compositions, our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in music theory and technique. 

We offer a variety of classes and programs tailored to each individual's needs and interests, including private lessons, group classes, and performance opportunities. With our fun and engaging teaching methods, your child will not only improve their musical skills but also develop a lifelong love for music. Join us at Twelve Tone Music School and watch your child's musical journey take flight!