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Co-Founder / Music Director

Willem Van Lierop was born and raised in the Netherlands. He grew up in a household of musicians and got his first guitar at 5 years old. at age 15 Willem started his musical journey. Joining several bands along the way, Willem was a lead vocalist and guitarist gigging throughout the Netherlands for many years.

He created his own rock band in his late 20s and learned how to play bass, drums, piano, and violin throughout his career. Willem released two singles and composes his own music on a regular basis. After performing for so long, he began a new musical path: sound engineering!

He opened his own sound recording studio, deemed “Van Lierop Records,”  and became a certified sound engineer. When he moved to Chicago in 2015, Willem combined all of his musical knowledge into his performance work as a looping artist and recording live performances of bands. He performs currently around the North Shore of Chicago.