Our Program

A new collaborative music program that creates harmony between parents and students.
Our Levels

We track each student's progress and send weekly progress updates through our Twelve Tone app.

Our program uses 4 different levels and focuses on getting musicians to play and create together. This is what makes music fun and motivates students to practice. We recommend that students do 2 x 45 minute group classes per week to start.

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    Level 1: Instrument Basics 2 x 45m Group Classes per week

    Students use a variety of technology and modern books to help them learn the basics of their instrument in a group setting. Starting in a group setting has many advantages including preparing them to play with other musicians.

    Students attend class 2x per week and at home practice is not required. This allows students to develop an apprication for music without the traditional parent / student practice battles.

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    Level 2: Beginnig Jam
    1 x 45m Group Class per week
    1 x 45m Jam Class per week

    Once students graduate level 1 the move on to learning full songs through Sheet Music Direct. We simply switch them from practicing their songs in their class to practicing with other complmentary instruments in a low pressure fun setting. Starting students in group classes makes this transition easy and fun.

    Jaming is one of the most exciting parts of playing music and is essential to building motivation.

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    Level 3: Performance Band 1 x 45m Group
    2 x 60m Band Rehearsal

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    Level 4: Music Theory and Expression 1 x 45m Group
    2 x 60m Band
    1 x 60m Theory

    Students begin the journey of writing and creating their own music by learning the basics of music theory. Students compose their own songs and parts and collaboarte with other musicians to perform orginal tracks.

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