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Gail Gallagher

In addition to being a music teacher Gail Gallagher been a music director in the Chicago sketch and improv scene for over 12 years. 

As a singer-songwriter, Gail takes what she has learned from the musical improv scene and writes in a genre she calls “Musical Theater Folk Rock.” In 2020 she recorded and released her debut album “Power of the Unnamed Passion” which features album art by fellow teacher Sandy Van Lanigham and guitar by Dalton Howland. You can find out more about her music 

Gail has extensive teaching experience with a variety of different groups including teaching theater workshops with incarcerated women as well as working with adults with developmental disabilities. She also was the music director/ composer for Skokie Park District’s Still Acting Up, a Theater troupe for actors over 60.  As a private lesson instructor, Gail enjoys making lessons a conversation, crafting each lesson to each student’s needs, and finding what inspires them.