COVID 19 Safety Information

Additional questions please call (847) 901-7161
We're reopening July 13th!

We’re beyond excited to be writing you with news of our reopening! We will begin reopening our school on Monday July 13th! We’ll be slowly re-introducing our programs, and will begin with Private Lessons, then bring back our Band Rehearsals and Jam Classes. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to offer our 3:1 group lessons due to space limitations and health concerns. If you are not comfortable with in-person lessons we can continue to offer you video lessons until you are comfortable.

In preparing for this reopening we’ve had to make a few changes around the school in order to accommodate proper social distancing and hygiene. In an effort to limit the capacity of our facility we will be doing away with some of the smaller lesson rooms, and will be limiting the number of instructors to 7 per day. Below you’ll find what to expect before, during, and after each lesson:

All students and teachers are required to wear a mask at all times while in the building. We will be equipping our instructors with both facemasks as well as full face shields, and are installing hand sanitizer dispensers in each lesson room. Vocal lessons will go forward using face shields and plexiglass dividers in lesson rooms.

Before the Lesson

  • We are eliminating the waiting area in the front lobby and are asking parents not to enter the building except in the case of emergency. Instead please give us a call for all matters.
  • Students should come prepared with their instrument, music, and any gear they may need such as a tuner as we will no longer allow instruments to be shared.
  • We are limiting the number of teachers to no more than 7 each day.
  • Plan on arriving 5 minutes early to your lesson to line up in a clearly marked socially distant line for a temperature check. No more Anyone with a temperature above 100° F will not be permitted to take their lesson. This will apply to both teachers and students.
  • If you or someone in your household are feeling ill please take advantage of our flexible makeup policy! The lessons could be rescheduled or held online in the event of illness.
  • Wash your hands or use alcohol based hand sanitizer before your lesson. We will have hand sanitizer dispensers in the hallways and in each lesson room.
  • We will have our own private restroom that will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule, however we are asking all students to use the restroom before coming in order to limit traffic in our hallways.

During the Lesson
  • The total number of students will be limited in our facility in order to facilitate proper social distancing.
  • Plexiglass screens are being installed in all vocal and keyboard rooms and will be wiped down between each lesson.
  • We will be moving to an online material sharing platform in order to minimize sharing paper. Please bring a phone or tablet to the lessons so that you can access the material.
  • We will be installing cameras in every lesson room in order to take advantage of a new feature on iClass Pro that will allow us to live stream your student’s lesson. It’s a secure feature that only you will be able to access.

After the Lesson
  • Please exit your lesson and leave the building through the rear exit that leads to the eastern parking lot across from OLPH. This will help us create “one way lanes” through the school.
  • Please call us at (847) 901-7161 to discuss scheduling or billing queries as we will not be allowing parents in the waiting area during regular teaching hours.

Jam Classes and Bands

Jam Classes and Bands will be able to rehearse in a new space in the back of the building. We will begin scheduling these to start one or two weeks after we’ve started our regular lessons. The space is large enough to accommodate proper social distancing with all members being a minimum of 6 feet apart. All group lessons will be converted into private lessons and we will not offer our 3:1 group lessons for the foreseeable future.

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